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Free training available


Don't believe that "Nothing is Free".

If you are new to shooting and are thinking about taking a course, then give me a call.  I will meet with you and go over safety and maintenance for your firearm. If you don't know what firearm to get or if you have one that you aren't confident with, I will work with you for a couple sessions to get you to the point where you will be ready for the class.  I don't want you to fail. I want you to be confident and comfortable with your gun. In a case where you aren't sure what gun to get I will work with you on that too.  You will have to pay for your range time and ammo, but my time is free.


Q.  What is the catch on the free training?

A.   All I ask is that you sign up for a class and put down a non-refundable deposit towards the cost of the class.  I don't consider this a catch and I ask this only because I have done this for a couple of people and then they took courses from someone else who was a friend, a friend of a friend, or in one instance where the instructor knew I did this so he told them to take me up on the free training then they could take his class.  The deposit tells me you are serious about the training and are not using me just for the free training.

Q. How much are range fees?

A. It depends on the area we are going to shoot.  I use several different ranges and the prices vary.  

Q. How many times will we have to meet and train before I can take the course?

A.  That depends on you.  I have had people spend a couple hours with me on the range, and I had an older lady who took a total of just under 5 hours.  I will get you to your "class ready" status as quick as possible.

About Us


Your Instructor

Hi, I'm J.C. Smith and I've been a firearms enthusiast since my pre-teen years.  From there to the Marine Corps, Law Enforcement Pistol Teams,  Security Firearms Instructor in the mid 1980's,  on to present day as an NRA Basic Pistol and Personal Protection in the Home firearms instructor, I thoroughly enjoy training people to be the best and safest they can be.  


More than Certifications

If you are looking for more than just getting your certificates to conceal carry, you have come to the right place. Personal One-on-One training will prepare you for whatever your goals are, from NRA Qualification Awards to Competitive Shooting.


A Varied Menu

We not only offer courses, but also a variety of options to go along with them.  Monthly Memberships are available which include structured courses along with One-on-One training to assist you in anything you wish to have extra instruction in. 


5.11 by Karl Malone

No, we don't sell it, but we will be partnering with them at their Metairie, La. location by offering our classes there. We're helping "THE MAILMAN" deliver  superior tactical apparel and gear for law enforcement, first responders, tactical operators and recreational enthusiasts. 




 The NRA Basic Pistol class is designed to give you the training you need to get your Louisiana or your Mississippi Concealed Handgun Permit. The NRA curriculum is combined  with a section of the appropriate State Law as it pertains to handgun laws in that state. 


Personal Protection in the Home Course

 The NRA Basic Personal Protection In The Home Course teaches the basic knowledge, skills, and attitude essential to the safe and efficient use of a handgun for protection of self and family, and to provide information on the law-abiding individual's right to self-defense. 


La. State Board of Private Security Examiners

 If you have Security Guard Company, Defend to the End Firearms Training LLC can assist you with your guards'  training needs. 

Additional Services



When it comes time for you to recertify for your Concealed Carry Permit we can handle that for you.  Contact us and we will get you squared away.  

One-on-One Training


 If you would rather have One-on-One Training vs. our normal group sessions, you can be accommodated. We will also work with you on various skills you may want to improve on.   Let us know what you need and we will make it happen. 

Youth Programs


 Defend to the End Firearms Training believes that everyone within legal age should be afforded firearms training, whether its basic safety or more in depth courses.  Parents are encouraged to join in the classes. Contact us about our family discounts. 



Do you have a group of friends, co-workers, or family members who want to take firearm classes?  We offer group discounts as well as discounts to military, law enforcement, and first responders and their family members. Contact us for details.

Memberships and Training Vouchers


 Defend to the End Firearms Training Vouchers or the "Stay Deft Hall Pass" and Memberships make fantastic gifts.  They can be used for any course or training option the lucky recipient wishes to use it for.  Memberships bundle courses with One on One Training offering you a variety of services for a discounted monthly rate to make budgeting easier, so no matter what your goal is, from basic pistol to marksmanship goals, contact us and we will custom design a package that fits your needs. 

Join the NRA


If you are not an NRA member or if it's time to renew your membership, We can  get you up to date and offer discounts on all memberships.

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